Thursday, April 03, 2008

So So Tired Of This

it's getting so annoying.

i mean i felt good you know being nice. doing something good. making someone else happy.

made me feel so much better after doing something i thought was bad.

then just a day later i get your arrogance.

like i owe you that. like i'm supposed to do that for you.

i'm doin it out of courtesy ok. and just so you know, it's for YOU.

don't come back to me acting so gr8 like you are the one who started everything.

it was me ok.

for you to act like i owe you and must do that for you?

that's just too much.

i already have more than i need to handle.

i don't need the crap from you.

i'm just not gonna care anymore.

you wanna be fake and keep everything in go ahead.

you wanna act as if it's you who are doing me a favour when it's vice versa, go ahead.

so sick of you doing the least you can and acting like you gave up something so big.

a holiday is what i need.

and a holiday is whats coming up.

i'm like so happy to disappear for now.

Currently Listening To: I Can Tell There Was An Accident Here Earlier - Saosin

1 comment:

KS said...

Aiyo~ so sad ar?? wat happened, man?? aiks... anw, tat april fool joke was reli a prank lei... haha... thank gudness i went thru tat day safe and sound!! haha...