Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Holidays Are Being Wasted

i'm so gonna regret this. i'm sure of it. k tmrw! tmrw i'll do it. tmrw i'll study hard!

i hope. haha.

seriously la. whole day today i din do much.

and apparently my English is pretty good. for a foreigner la. at least thats what some of the kiwis here think la.

i think it's not good still. heck. i couldn't even spell gorgeous just now ok. how dumb is that......

and i've just been playing COD4 today. a lot la. prob like almost finished the single player. really cool game la. cept it lags.

stupid comp la. big dual core and suppsoedly gr8 graphics card all. like rubbish la still. i seriously need to reformat my comp. anyone got a hard disk i can pinjam to store my stuffs?

ooo. and today i tot myself Hysteria by Muse too. the bass part la. with Josiah's guitar of course. pretty proud of myself. yes i can play it up to speed to. pretty proud of myself. haha. been learning a few bits and pieces of songs too. like and also Devastation and Reform by Relient KHelicopter by Bloc Party.

and i was shivering like hell antartica during dinner. even Sam and Yen Loong could see it. weirdness.

and i'm currently the only one left in my corridor.

sounds like a good time for a party. ;D



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