Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gap Filler

Tagged by Li Hsien

First name:
Last name:
Abraham (it's pretty cool to be known as Mr. Abraham here. =P)
alaaa.... everyone knows di la. haha.

Favourite colour:
Favourite animal:
no idea. and can't remember. oh well.
Favourite subject:
Favourite country:
New Zealand. definitely.
Favourite place of vacation:
erm. i dun travel much at all. i'm prob gonna have to go with NZ on this one. haha.
Favourite ice-cream flavour:
dun eat ice cream much too. Cookies and Cream?
Favourite tv series:
One Tree Hill, Lost, Prison Break, Smallville, Hustle, House
Favourite sport:

- were you doing at this time last week?
last week? how shud i remember la?? erm i'd prob guess onlining. or gaming.
- are you planning to do next?
finish writing email.
- is it that you wished you had?
for this tag i'll say.... nicer natural hair!
- animal are you most afraid of?
being afraid is just a state of mind. haha. i dunno la. not sure.
- are you most afraid of in your life?
not being good enough for ppl./being replaced. (cuz the feeling sux)/not being of need to ppl
- is the most embarassing thing so far in your life?
gosh. there are so many moments la. can't remember.
- is it that you have always wanted to do but didn't have the chance?
get on stage and play with a band! ahhhh... what a great dream it would be....

If you were given the chance to do anything right now, what would you do?
(regardless how long it takes or how expensive it is):
hmm. right now with what i'm thinking, i would like to go back to the past and change things.

5 people I tag:
- Daman
- Jin
- Jit
- Darryn
- Calvin


finally done with the overdue tag. heh. sry Li Hsien.

so much thinking been goin on recently. seriously too much. i realise how big a fool i have been. listening and looking at the shocked sounds and faces of my frens made me see that. i've forgiven things noone would have forgiven. i've let myself get hurt. all this time i caused all this to myself. none of this shud have ever happened. haih. stupid me. with my stupid decisions. and me being stupidly soft and kind and caring. what did it bring me? hurt. being taken advantage of. being used. being lied to. believing when i was told "i will nvr do such a thing again" jus to know it happened again. ben, ure a fool. being nice nvr helped u. u were nice and kind and forgiving and all u got in return was crap. and when u forgave the crap, u were given more crap.i look back and jus can't believe at all how u cud forgive what happened in cheer. it's damn bloody painful. sitting back there and watching everything. gosh u seriously are a dumbass. now all u got is hurt. i hope ure happy. thinking things cud change. that things wud be diff. that u cud believe words. u shud have known better. u def shud have known better.

haih so much more things i cud say. and i have actually said already. letting it all out was awesome. and thankfully i din make the mistake of acting fast and doing what i planned to do. thanks to One Tree Hill who saved me from a bad decision. seriously la. how to not love that show. somehow that show like reflects my life in some way. hmmm

haih. all this i blame on love la. and being too nice to ppl who will take advantage of you.

ish. stresssss...

the emo parts have been taken out to accomodate anti-emo ppl. =)

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