Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well In Other News

weird. i memorised the whole starting part of Jason Lo's Evening News a long time ago. and i still remember it. haha!

speaking abt music, i realised that
Panic!'s I Write Sins Not Tragedies is, well, quite interesting. cuz it feels like i can feel it somehow? dunno.

and..... my tests finished! Math jus now. so happy. it was way better than expected. thank God i did the past year papers. and this means i got the whole night off! so i think i'm gonna go out. the House epi and OTH epi i'll watch later la.

and and and.... it's so curiously interesting that i wanna know. but then i thought abt and realising that there is no way i cud find out, i gave up hope la. no point asking too. but the curiousity is still there. and the place i can get answers from seems permanently closed. so ya!

k la. i'm prob high now. oh and i went Nando's yest! the only one in the whole of the south island of New Zealand. damn it was good! we ate so much also. i ate half a chicken k. HALF! and all four flavours too. and 4 side dishes. wahhh. happy la last night!

plus Hafiz is another seriously damn cool senior. like seriously.

ok la. goin di. bye!

Currently Listening To: The Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin


glo said...

walao! that was HEAPS of food!!

glad you had a good meal! :D

m a e m said...

yumm! finally a picture :D i was browsing and browsing and browsing and browsing just to make sure tak salah org. heh. anywayz relient k is good =) i have their christmas album

m a e m said...

i'm emma btw

Ben J said...

haha! sry la. not much photos to take of myself recently. haha! yeap Relient K is gooooddd.