Wednesday, April 02, 2008



it kinda sucks when you do something for your frens just becuz they're your frens. and when you do it you just don't expect anything from them in return. cuz making them happy is all the satisfaction you need.

but what sucks is when you give something to the same bunch of frens so they would help you. but none of them bother. seriously. none. ok maybe some did. but the ppl i really expected to be there, just weren't there at all.

i know i shouldn't say, "i helped you last time and this is what you do to me." cuz it would then mean my help was insincere.

so it is just disappointing i guess. cuz even when i give u a reason to help you didn't want to. yet i feel kinda stupid for helping you out now. being a fren and helping.

and honestly, it came from the ppl i least expected it to come from. so yea, i'm terribly disappointed.

just hate the double standards in life.

it's times like these i start to rethink who are actually my real friends.

just wish that one day, maybe, i could find ppl who wouldn't do things just cuz we helped them first. cuz they really wanna help. i think i've been really trying to be like that. and i do believe i've done that b4 for ppl.

i mean, not that i haven't received this from ppl la. i def have HERE.

but i didn't expect to not get it from my "friends" la.


times like this, i love NZ so much for the ppl i met here and who they are, that i don't wanna go home.

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