Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Placing Trust

i KNEW it!

when everyone let me down, i knew there was one person who wouldn't. i wouldn't get brushed off just like that.

this is what you call placing trust in the right place.

i mean i knew it all along la.

just that now it's super satisfying knowing i'm right.

ok i knew i was right in placing my trust there. but i guess even more confirmation sorta seals the deal.

i mean, it was smth simple that noone else could do.

hahahaha. i'm happy now~~~

ok la. prob high now.

but it's all the same.

and yes Jin. this is ur update! =)

and what i wanted to say yest which i told u i forgot is this: i feel like making an emo picture! =D


damn. i'm giler di.

whoa whoa whoa!

oh i went to Taylor's Mistake and paintball today.

no paintball pics. but here is Taylor's Mistake. (excuse the extremely low grade "stitching" of photos and also photos. prob shud have taken the photo when there was more light too)

ok la. i think i shud go study.

or game! =D




aku gembira! =D

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