Thursday, November 18, 2010

So Then Now, What Do I Do?

i hate the way she's affecting my plans.

what do i do?

avoid her?

or just go, hang around friends, and ignore her.

bloody hell. damn kacau.

So do what now?

Currently Watching: One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 8 - Mouthful of Diamonds


Smith said...

pretend she doesnt exist, dont let her change wat u wanna do, just do wat u want, n ignore her. normally after a while ppl pick up that u r ignoring them

Ben J said...

yeah i figure i'm just going to ignore her. and she doesn't expect me to talk to her either la. the dumb thing is i can sense that she's pissed off with me which is just ridiculous considering what she did to me and i'm the one who had the right to be pissed off. so yeah. but then again, she's always like that. so i'm like whatever la.

but the main point is, yeah i'm going to just ignore her. lol.