Friday, November 12, 2010

One Thing I Like

at least there's one thing i like about me.

i like how i can help ppl.

and i like how to me, it's really no big deal to help ppl.

to some extent, i enjoy it. i find, i like helping ppl. i like making them feel better.

maybe i'm being perasan. but i don't care. i'm glad i have smth good abt me that i can be proud of. :)

the only bad part, i tend to sacrifice myself when helping others. i mean like, i cause "damage" to myself when i help others.

example is like when i tried helping Tawfik with his Solidworks stuff. it kinda took me away from my time to study for my test which was in a few minutes.

i knew i had to study, but more of me wanted to help. and i still did feel kinda bad for having to tell him i gotta go study instead of helping him.

i dunno la. i kinda feel like, putting ppl and helping ppl first, is better than studies? lol. but that's just cuz i hate studying, so maybe i'm just trying to escape studying. lol.

but yeah. u get me. i'm sure everyone feels better after helping ppl.

which is probably why i feel terrible cuz i told Dana i'd call in half hour, but ended up spending 3 hours talking to friend who also wanted to talk over dinner. and she waited for me for 2 hours.

ugh. first, i ditched my friend who needed me. 2ndly i made her wait, and everyone knows a guy should never let a girl wait ever. the guy should wait for the girl.

ugh. lousy ben. once again, i'm sorry Dana. :(

so yeah. at least there's one thing i can like about me. esp after going through in my head abt all the things i hate abt me which seems infinite.

good to make myself feel good.

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