Sunday, November 14, 2010

Do Not Want That Attitude In My Life

k first of all, i don't know if it's a malaysian or other countries do this as well.

but, i know at least malaysians are damn kiasu. don't care what race u r, chances are u are kiasu.


it's like when a person knows something, that noone else knows, they'll tell the whole world. BUT, when ppl ask how u know/how you got that thing, the person won't tell, or will be super reluctant to tell.

i dunno why, but a lot of malaysians are quite stingy with their knowledge. it's like, once they tell, they feel like ppl won't come back to them to ask for help. it's like they like the attention.

but i guess u cud say they like being useful and needed and all. but yeah, why so stingy la? esp with friends?

it's like, i used to know ppl, who get music updates and songs very fast. and when you ask them, which site do you get it from? they don't wanna tell. they'd just say, i'll get for you la. why is it so hard to tell?

even with episodes of shows or movies or anything. heck it doesn't have to be online stuff. but in general la. malaysians just don't seem to want to share knowledge.

i know my friend had asked me once before where to get a certain game and just told me to private msg him on FB. i'm assuming he said pm cuz he thought i don't want the whole world to know where i got the game since i was one of the first few who got it. but instead, i just posted where i got it from to his wall.

so what if the whole world knows? so what if i won't be the sole person playing the game and everyone may start asking "how's the game" and "wah so lucky you got it so fast". i'm really not that desperate for attention. and honestly, if i have to rely on knowing where to get games as something special about me, since i'm the only person who knows if i don't share where i get it from, then that's kinda sad right? that the special thing is knowing where to get games. well to me it's kinda a sad case thing.

k of course, maybe i'm the only one feeling this way abt the witholding knowledge thing? but am i?

cuz at the end right, these ppl end up wanting to pull down ppl who do well. why? cuz they want to be on top, they want to be wanted and needed.

but shouldn't we be the one encouraging ppl? and helping them be better? how r we going to make the world a better place if all you do is just tear down ppl who do well.

is it really that hard for you to feel happy for someone who has smth you want? just be happy for them. why be jealous? not gonna help you in any way.

and yet, another post where i don't think i'm getting my original point across. why is it so hard to explain these thoughts in my head!!?


but yeah. anyway, these two attitudes, i do not want to have in my life.
1. Reluctant to share info
2. Pull people down.

i know i used to be like that as well. and i'm glad that i've changed. i wanna do the opposite. tell ppl if they ask stuff and also encourage ppl.

think about it, you don't lose anything either way by doing those two. you tell ppl, you help them, and you still don't lose ur knowledge by telling them. and when you encourage ppl, still don't lose anything but you build the person up and help the person feel good about themselves.

of course, if you wanna complain you lose time and lose breath telling/talking to the person, then i dunno what to say la. lol. like that also can complain, then it's a wonder if you have friends. lol.

i type so long, and at the end i look back, and i wonder if i made sense. and if i managed to get my true point across.

oh well. at least i feel better now i said smth about it.

check one more off the list of stuff i wanna blog about.


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