Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm So Glad To Be Back

honestly. it feels brilliant to be back.

being back this time, made me realise one thing, how much i really missed and love my friends here.

it's just been so amazing to be able to hang out with them. and just lepak and talk stuff. like seriously, spending 12 hours a day out. wow. i SO SO miss this.

and i can finally post this cuz now Yumey finally knows. loser, can waste my time without even knowing it. tsk.

really la. the past few days for the past week has beeen AMAZING.

happy giler. :):):)

which makes me feel kinda hypocritical. cuz i was like all emo abt ppl leaving chch and all just a few days ago, and now i'm like happy to the max.

hahahaha. dunno la. i'm just overjoyed to be backkkk. :D:D:D

like i said la, 2010, is really being an epicly good year. :)

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