Saturday, November 06, 2010

Cannot Keep It In

that's just me. i can't keep anger in.

i have to let it out.

hence, the blog. and thus, why there's a lot of pissed off posts, and emo posts.

and it works out. why? cuz i don't feel as pissed off/angry abt the thing anymore.

so yeah. that's just me. i get angry, i talk/blog abt it. then it's all ok. not angry anymore.

quite cool how this part of me works.

and if there is a person pissing me off, i find, talking str8 to the person, completely removes the anger and all is ok.

BUUUUTTT. i still want to have more patience and get less angry. so, i'm working on that.

plus, i'm learning to let a lot of stuff go. don't let the small stuff bother me.

and just like most posts, this posts, just made me feel better. :)

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