Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maybe It's Irritating

I have this irritating habit of asking people stuff i already know.


i can't decide which reason it is.

for one thing, it's to find out whether the person trusts me or whether the person can be trusted to tell the truth.

the other reason would be to find out how ppl know that something. i mean i already know how they know, but i just want to be sure. i always like knowing the origins of things ppl know or how they arrive to a thought.

i think my reasons for this habit of mine is the 2nd reason. well i try to make it that reason most of the time.

but ya somehow i find it irritating.

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weiwen said...

your life full of drama la...

Ben J said...

lol. why do u say that? i don't see any drama from this post also. plus most of my posts are cryptic enough to not exactly understand what's going on what. lol.

weiwen said...

Just a general comment regarding a few of your posts. All like.. problem with this person and that.. Self conflict here and there.. Complicated betul.

Ben J said...

lol. u do realise i'm the only one who talks abt the stuff going on in my life? most ppl have a lot of drama, they just keep it all to themselves. so probably it just seems like my life damn drama because u know abt it compared to other ppl u don't know abt.

weiwen said...

Maybe. My life is so mundane now. I don't even fight with my brothers anymore. Time to annoy them..