Tuesday, November 02, 2010

But, If She Likes Him, Why Not?

u know, i always wonder, should you tell someone they have someone who likes them?

like u have a friend, who likes another mutual friend. but being like every other person, they won't want to say anything cuz of the fear of being rejected, bla bla bla.

so would it be so bad, if I were to just tell that like person "hey, you know, i think he/she is into you."

then see the reaction from there, and sorta advise both sides la. i mean, how horribly wrong could it go?

k though, granted, i've never actually done this before, but i just wonder, how it would go.

cuz i mean, someone told me they like this guy before, so i made the effort to introduce them, and now they're together.

so everything turned out alright? but in this case, i nvr told the guy she likes him la. just the intro only.

i wonder how diff it would be.

k now i feel like finding someone who likes someone else, and going and telling that someone else.



and it's getting scarily real that i won't be back next year. =/

miracles. that's what i need now.

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