Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Would Say It's The Greatest Thing I've Learnt In My Life

what is it?

this: loving people the way you would love someone like you're in love with them.

there's just something satisfying about truly caring about the well being of someone. whether it's their physical and mental health.

plus, it's also what the world needs more isn't it? people caring for each other?

and when i mean caring, it's like how u would care for your gf/bf/wife/husband/sister/brother. think abt it, these ppl, you supposedly love a lot and would treat and care for them with all you can right?

now if you do that for all the people you love (and on occasion those you don't love), it would just make the world a better place right?

so yeah that's the greatest thing i've learnt. loving and caring for people as much as i can without falling in love with them or whatever. just learning to care for people, cuz a lot of ppl in this world need love.

hmmm. yeah. i dunno. yet another post that didn't come out as i intended it to sound like. oh well, hope you get it anyway.

p.s.: hmm i just realised, this is probably why ppl think i'm together with a lot of girls. cuz i treat them well. lol.

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Bernard "xiaoqiu" said...

i like this post. loving and caring for people! Love God Love People! awesome bro!