Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can't Be Just Me Right???

today, i found out, that 16 year olds use perfumes priced at abt RM270. and, apparently this is normal.

i'm in shock.

someone pls tell me that i'm not crazy for thinking that's a ridiculous amount to spend on perfume.

and also that it's ridiculous that a SIXTEEN year old is the one with the ridiculously expensive perfume.

and also that it's not normal.

i still believe this is insane. and parents are really spoiling and manja-ing their kids.

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becks said...

GEHH. i've been seeing a lot of that lately. it gets me pretty sick in my stomach to see how filthy rich some people can get that their lil kids get spoilt like URGH. this gets me sick la ben.

cal said...

the kids must really stink so much that their parents hv no other choice...

glo said...

munyee has a similar blog post about this issue too!!