Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Story Tellers

u know what's interesting?

people just love telling stories about other people. they just can't seem to help it.

it's like if there's smth abt someone, a "story" if you might like, someone will def talk abt it. and spread the "Story".

it's funny. cuz like, it's like usually the same person who's always the one spreading the story. and what's even funnier is that some of these ppl, don't like ppl talking abt them/the stuff they do/things abt them.

i mean, it's guess it's fine if it's one off things. but some ppl just love talking abt others.

and it's getting to a point it's annoying.

so seriously. for me, stop talking abt me. anything. i love my anonymity. n i'd like to keep it that way. the things i do, i can tell for myself. don't need you to be my messenger. don't recall hiring you too.

thanks. :)

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