Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Miss This

doing this song. and the way we did it. was def a highlight of my life i think.

i mean the song itself. A+

the "freeze" in between. A+

the fact that we're opening for Juwita Suwito. pretty freaking awesome. LOL.

i like performing. and playing guitar. i just need to learn up well so i'm good at it.

and this is a random thought. but the weirdest thing i've ever done is PRETEND to play on stage. reason why? cuz they didn't want musicians going up and down. so they made everyone stay. and i don't even play any part in that song.

but i pulled it off! which means i'm a good actor. k if engineering fails. ACTING! :D


k that's it. :)

Currently Listening To: My Immortal - Evanesence


Bernard "xiaoqiu" said...

super like!!! awesome !!

{oh ben!} said...

haha cool. quite a tight band there. dont you just get annoyed when your congregation starts to clap and then plays up your timing and speed up the whole song?? haha
but good job man. makes me nostalgic too.