Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So As For Now, It's Been Decided

so ya. i'm moving. this place is kinda too public for personal stuff. yet at the same time, i have non-private stuff i wanna say.


this blog: thoughts, stuff i find interesting, music i like

other blog: personal stuff, daily life, stuff that i don't feel like the whole world knowing

so ya.

amazing ah. i just figure out how to do that one thing on FB, and sudd i like damn happy, no worries at all. hahaha.

n i've been putting this off for too long. i shouldn't keep any of them hanging. time to make a move.

now how do i do that?

WHOOOOOOOO. k this is like the last personal post here. Hopefully. haha.

Currently Listening To: Second Chance - Hillsong United

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