Monday, March 15, 2010

Nobody Realises What They're Doing Because They Don't Take The Time To Put Themselves In Others' Shoes

I read this.

And what i picked up from it, is how "asian" (or basically ppl who speak chinese in this context) ppl get quite irritated if ppl think they speak like that.

what goes through my head, or what my imagination cooks up is a scene like this;

a non-asian guy goes listen to me speak chinese "Ching Chang Chong"

then asian kid who hears this gets all irritated and insulted.

well that's what i see la when i read this group's name.

do you see that as well?

if ure "asian", would you feel irritated and insulted?

now. maybe i should create a group "Hi, I'm Indian, and NO, i don't speak like this, "*insert your interpretation of any Indian language which is not true here*".

if u've been following this whole post, you'll catch my drift about what i'm really intending to get through.

and to put it simply for those who find this complicated, if you don't like stuff being done to you, don't do the same shit to others.

and honestly. laughing at the imitation just don't, definitely DOES NOT help the situation at all. it prob just shows how even more rude you are.

it's funny how easliy we'll call a drunk guy, who's just shouting out at random ppl on the road while diring past, racist just because he also shouts something at you as he goes past.

nobody takes into account what he actually said or whether it was even a racist comment. it's just easier and "the norm" to say he's racist, even though he's just being drunk.

we'll easily call him racist but we don't notice the racist things we do to others around us. even when they're actually our friends and not random strangers.

k i'm done. just something for you to think about. took almost 2 hours to try and figure out the right words to put here. i'm off to bed now.

think about it.

and do something about it.

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glo said...

nice one BenJ!

thanks again for an awesome reminder!