Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learning To Be Quiet

so many questions

so many empty spaces

so many thoughts

so many other factors

BUT, you don't wanna hear.

so nvm. i shall learn to shut up.

keep it in.

postpone postpone.

but we'll nvr find the right time.

so guess we'll just postpone til it's too late.

time to think about other factors i guess.

i know that's what ur main plan is anyway.

not offended. it's just... you. to do so.

doesn't it suck, when you can do everything right, but just nvr get what you deserve or want? and everyone else just seems to get what they want. everytime. haih.

i think i should give up.

i don't wanna tire myself out hoping for something i deserve, but i will never get.

Currently Listening To: Is It You - Cassie

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