Sunday, March 21, 2010

Screwed Up

the amount i'm disappointed with myself right now is pretty immeasurable.

i can't believe what i did. or at least what i let happen.

it was one of the things i was nvr supposed to do in my whole life.

the worst part is, i don't feel as bad as i should have. =/

and the funny thing is, i now see how much easier it is for people to accept me once they know i'm not so holy and i'm a screw up too.

funny how that works right?

screw up and the world loves you.

no wonder it's pretty impossible to stay good.


seems like when everything goes bad. it all happens at the same time.

but yet, things have still been good and fun.


my life is a mess. haih

Currently Listening To: History Maker - Delirious?


kim said...

head's up BENJIMAN!! don't like seeing you all down and sighing away. whatever that's been getting to you, just know that around you there are lots of ppl who care. and love you just the way you are! :)

Ben J said...

KIM! i miss you even more now. :( thx! and this post actually is really not that related to my emoness u saw on FB. but ya. thx! :)

kim said...

haha yup i know it's not related. but precisely coz it's not related, means you're going through more! that's why. :)

Ben J said...

yeaps, thanks Kim! :)