Saturday, October 18, 2008

Notice Of Closure

k so this blog is now gonna close down for the next 3 weeks. nope not even privatised. cuz k la, i know that if i leave it open, i'm gonna keep coming back here to see who visits and stuff.

so since study week and exams are coming up, i really need to concentrate. so i'm trying to cut out all the distractions. so this place will totally be closed off. to EVERYONE. and yeap now my blog is open to all. just for this sunday. then monday comes and EVERYTHING will be closed off.

so yeah. just letting u guys know la.

My exams are like follows:

28th - EMTH171

30th - MATH109

1st - ENGR102

3rd - PHYS113

and then after that, i shall be FREE! and this place will open again. k so see u in 3 weeks. bye!

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