Friday, October 10, 2008

Things That Piss Me Off

so i was doing a lot (trust me when i say a lot) of thinkin since i've been not blogging. and i decided that i'm gonna put up stuff that piss me off. heck, i'm going to even create a label for such posts.

so today i'm going to start it off with ppl who are CLEARLY wrong but won't admit.

it's seriously PISSING OFF. first of all, all the facts are there. the reasons why you are WRONG have already been told. all the reasons why you are wrong have been given. clearly and logically. but just because you wanna see urself as RIGHT, you won't admit. cuz you can't be wrong la right? ure too good to be wrong. rubbish la.

what's worse is that they will purposely try and find some way to justify their wrong. or find some excuse to make their wrong not seem so bad. mahai. still want. wrong means wrong la k. there's no "oh but at least this this this all didn't happen right?" or "since nothing happened from there, it's ok la." or "it's only a bit wrong what, so it's ok." RUBBISH la. no such thing as half wrong k.

gosh some people have the nerve la. this is what happens when ur ego becomes too big.


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