Saturday, October 04, 2008

2 = 60 or 20 = 90?

well i just found out from Shuang Xiu that i can call home for $2 and talk for 60 mins. cheap eh? Thanks Shuang Xiu!

cuz i was like previously buying phone cards which cost $20 and can last only 90 mins.

well technically for 90 mins i wud use $4 la. (cuz it's jus $2 for 60. fixed time-money thing.) of course i have to make two calls la. end the first one b4 it goes over 60 mins and then make the next one.

but still! 4 bucks compared to 20??? whoaaa. super cheap okay. now i'm gonna save on phone bills calling home also. yeay! :D but of course it has to be like those long calls where i spend 60 mins talking la. haha.

coolness la vodafone. :D

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fuhuisx said...

u r welcome.. but do check how long d offer last =p
20 bucks for 90 mins, what phone card is that?

Ben J said...

haha. it's til 31 march only. then it'll be gone. haih. that card is easy call. so far the clearest i've heard la.

fuhuisx said...

it'll probably be back again next year, just watch out.
easycall from korean shop 9 bucks for 10 bucks calling time, m'sia mobile $.1/min (100mins), landline $.05/min (200mins), guess u were not referring to M'sia then.
Finals done? Congrats =D

Ben J said...

cool if it's back next year. haha. so much better to call now. cheaper. and it's easycall to Msia. 90 mins to landline. hmm. weird la.