Friday, October 03, 2008

Last Day Of Freedom?


today was a good day i reckon.

managed to do most of my physics tutorial and hand it in. (well at least i hope she did hand it in on time. and to the right person. holy crap. i just realised she may not know which tutor is mine! YL!!!)

nvm. i shall hope for the best. haha.

finished math assignment too. don't really hope much on that. don't think i did some parts right for those. but i think shud be an OK mark la.

EMTH171 test went really well imo. i think i did part 1 all correct i hope. and finished both parts of part B with a thumbs up and good job from my tutor. so hopefully that'll be good. and all under 45 mins. haha. but then again, when things go too well, something may be wrong. hmmm.

my hair today looked really good too. like i think la. not so puffy. seemed more straight and flat. haha. maybe cuz i slept on it or smth la. haha.

missed ENSOC BBQ today tho. :( cuz it was 10 bucks for entry so i tot stuff it. might as well save money. but i did get to practice some guitar la. so not so bad.

and got dinner too cuz Uni Hall dinner was cancelled due to food fight. thx for the Bak Kut Teh Raymond! i think it was pretty good. i mean i dunno what's it supposed to taste like la. but yea i tot it was nice.

watched Everything Is Spiritual also. pretty interesting show. i think i managed to grasp most of what he was saying la. The Pro-Skater pastor guy. haha.

and watched Iron Man for the fourth time too. and yea. i would really say that's a good movie. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY better than Transformers. k actually my third time watching wasn't fully la. so maybe 3.5th time watching? haha.

aaaahh. pretty good friday imo. haha.

but tmrw open house and football. and have to squeeze in Skills Test practice and also Lab report somehow.

hmm k i shall celebrate by watching my new Smallville ep. thx Vince!

see ya!

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