Wednesday, October 15, 2008


k that just pisses me off as well. i mean come on! Fall Out Boy isn't just Pete Wentz la k! ish. i hate it when like one member of the band gets like all the face coverage of the band. like ppl will only know one guy from the band.

the band is SO NOT JUST ONE GUY LA K! they like overplay the role of that one guy when in fact he isn't that great also. seriously la. why is Pete Wentz the star (or so it has been made to seem) of Fall Out Boy?? what about Patrick? or Joe? or Drew? too much la.

and this sooo doesn't go for this band only. other bands also kena. i'd hate to be in a band where everyone knows just one guy from the band and doesn't know me. what rubbish is that.


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