Monday, October 27, 2008

I Don't Get It

seriously. it doesn't make sense.

i mean, what do you do when you stumble across somebody's Friendster profile or smth else AND that person is someone you know.

and when i say someone you know i limit it to actually knowing the person la. like can talk and chill and all. not like those meet one time and then dunno whether will see again.

i mean logically, you add the person la. i dun get why some ppl who know you can come across ur page then just do like dunno. doesn't make sense.

the worst part is they can actually come and tell you something like "oh i saw ur friendster page that day" and then didn't add.

i dunno la it just doesn't make sense to me. chances are these ppl wud rather add like those 1 time meet ppl. why? to keep in touch konon la.

just dun get it. and NO i will NOT add you either esp after knowing you came and didn't bother. like why should i? pffft.

no this is not about getting more "friends" to show off la k. pls la. not that shallow. how many friends also wanna compare. i think if you REALLY want to compare, then compare who will actually stick by ur side la k. sheeesh.

this post is just about how i don't get why there is no add. guess you tak kenal me la for some reason.

fine. and i thought i was the one who forgets ppl face and name easily.

k la. i'm like so talking off topic now. rubbish la. haha. k ciao

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