Tuesday, October 21, 2008


k just for some rectifying, is it rectifying? whatever. k i need to sort this shit out so i shall explain the whole process of things that happened. (that recitfying crap is all from Russell Peters. damn i'm addicted la to him. haha.)

k it all started when my sister came back in the middle of last year. and since india is soooooo maju, they already had facebook la. b4 all the slow noobs in Malaysia started it (k now i think of it, it's the slow noobs in Malaysia's fault la i din get FB early enough to avoid the challenge).

so yeah la. she was telling me u shud get facebook. and i'm like what for? i already got friendster. and at that time i guess i tot FB was gonna be a failure like hi5 or smth. (how bloody wrong i was.) so i said la, k no i won't get FB, cuz it's jus me to want to fight anything ppl say la.

so yea. then she also came out with a challenge. k not really a challenge but i took it as one la. she said, you wait la, in a few months time, ure gonna get facebook. and being the guy who loves challenges i said pfffftt.. u wait la. i won't get facebook.

SO YEA. thats the basis of this story. my long struggle against facebook.

do you know how hard it is to tahan? esp with all u ppl laa. ish.

first EVERYONE will be talking abt their facebook applications and how fun it is and bla bla bla. it feels for a moment it's like u walked into a nerd convention a bit where they jus talk abt comp stuff and all. and ure like the dude who knows nothing abt comps and ure sitting there with no clue wtf is happening.

that was fine la. still not so bad. i mean there was a lot of ppl asking me to get also but yea i tahaned.

then things got worse this year. cuz apparently, all invites and stuff are sent out thru facebook. and even photos! yea i know! like part of my life i can't get. photos! but nvm la tahan tahan.

then UCICFC also post the next game playings on FB. and i'll always be the alst to find out cuz i dun have. ish. nvm nvm.

then Malam came, and all the photos from Malam were posted on FB. and i got tagged in photos eventhough i din have FB. ish.

ppl like RAYMOND (who has tagged like prob almost 10 photos of me), Yuen Leung, and Gloria also. all tagging me and pressuring me to get. and i'm like shit! it's photos of me. i want! and how else am i supposed to get photos la otherwise. i mean some photos can get from Li Ying cuz she can put on the hub. but those ppl who dun live in the halls? yea i can ask them, but they purposely won't give. ish.

OOHHHH and i din mention why photos i need. well it's cuz i dun have a camera. and when i say camera i dun mean camera phone which is cacat. so yeah.

yeah, went for the thing on sunday. and my BIGGEST regret was that i din have a camera that night. so how la? how am i supposed to get photos?? and everyone is like do you have FB?? and i'm like nooooooooo......

damn i want my photos!!!!

so yeah. finally when i couldn't tahan this anymore, i now have facebook.

i bet EVERYONE now is like :O:O:O:O:O:O

and i bet Raymond is laughing away now that i have it. ahhaahha.

yes yes i have it. and i know i'm never gonna hear the end of this from everyone. hahaha.

i'm still lost in FB. i have no idea to do most of the stuff there. i think friendster is easier still. and there's no who's viewed you thing which i dun like. and there's no when was the last log in also. which sucks. for now i'm still liking friendster better. but haih, no choice la. how esle to get photos. and since it's easy to get. oh well la.

since joining i actually got 40+ notifications from them. sheeessssshhh. my mailbox will be full fast. sure of it.

and i guess getting it now is ok as well. i mean, i did prove my sister wrong and lasted like a whole year plus without getting FB. and i must say that's very impressive. see la. CAN ALL YOU FB-ERS tahan a year without it or not?? sure;y u can't right?? hahahahaha.

so yea. i shall end this rectifying stuff with i'm pretty awesome for tahaning something so seducing for so long. :D

haihhhhh. Facebook. sheesh.

*and to Yuen Leung and Sam! it's not why u think i joined k! but it IS to get photos from that night la. hahahha!

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