Friday, October 01, 2010

Damaged Goods

now i guess i know how it feels.

to know, you're damaged enough, that noone you would want would want you.

and to also know, that even if they did still want you, while knowing how damaged you are, you wouldn't let/want them to want you.


cuz if their heart is good enough to look past all that damaged part of u, they definitely deserve someone much better than you.

so i guess, in no way, can i get what i want. or who i want in this case.

another reason why i don't try. i'm just full of reasons why i don't these days.

damn. i'm becoming more emo. not cool.

some part of me regrets what i've done. and the reasons why i did them.

but then there's this other part that says, hey there's no point, ure already this damaged, there's no point trying to fix it. nth will/can change. so just do what you wanna do. less things to worry abt.

it's like, you've crossed over the point of no return. so you just keep on walking til everything ends.

funny, how, the only thing that can fix this is a lack of conscience. unfortunately, i still have some left, when it comes to certain ppl.

oh well. that's my life i guess. i'll have to learn to live with this. it's my choices after all. i should learn to live with it.

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Smith said...

no such thing as a point of no return :) i would know