Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mix CD

i love the way mix cds can bring you back to that time in your life when you burned that CD.

like i can literally remember the sights,sounds,the smell and feelings i had of things from years back from just listening to the song.

it's pretty awesome. and i'm glad that i have quite a lot of mix cds to listen to.

plus, i also get to listen to songs i haven't heard in a while.

what sucks now is, after 6 years, i think my discman may be dying. not cool.

and still haven't found my phone yet. :(

but relying less on computer. spending less than 3 hours a day on internet these days. so that's awesome. studying more.

and yesterday, i felt useful. and i knew my subject. well kinda. it felt good. hopefully, this studying streak continues.

looks like i won't top up my internet til after the exams then. oh well, at least i study and save money.

and part of me, is somewhat "scared" abt going back. cuz i don't know what's going to happen. and i sure as hell, don't wanna go back to what happens everytime. so in some way, if you see smth happening, make sure i stop it. thx.

and yet at the same time, i'm curious as to see what would actually happen.

but in all this, i gotta remind myself that i can't be kind. can't be nice. and i have to remember all that's happened. cuz leopards don't change their spots.

hmm k i shud get back to work. i don't like that the only places in uni open 24/7 are the ones with comps. such distractions.

k gotta work and finish up study for tmrws test. which, somehow, despite my current studying, i have a feeling i'm not gonna do well still. oh well, might as well try than don't try right?

and what kinda sucks abt not having phone and net, i feel totally communicationless.

maybe it's a lesson i need to learn. learn to communicate more with people. get ppls phone numbers. text them. even if it is for fun. get their emails. add them on msn. actually talk to them.

need to be less antisocial.

maybe that's why i lost my phone. hmm.

think abt it, if i was social, i'd always be texting/checking my phone. hence, i would always be checking my phone. which would equal me not losing my phone. or instantly noticing when my phone wasn't with me.

k fine. after this, i shall attempt to be more social. note, attempt. :)

k enough procrastinating! to work it is.

Currently Listening To: Love Song - Sara Bareilles

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