Sunday, October 17, 2010


for a guy who is antisocial and doesn't like ppl knowing stuff abt him/his life,

i think it's really weird that i have a blog that let's ppl into my mind and the things i think abt.

so it might be, i'm antisocial but i want ppl to know what i'm thinking?

would that make me an attention seeker?

damn. i hate it if that were the case.

yeah. i'm a confused kid.

who's actually not a kid anymore, which sucks. :(

k blogging cuz i know if i don't blog, it'll be another topic i forget to blog abt. i know there's at least 50 stuff i wanna talk abt. but i'm always busy/lazy.

gotta reach that 1k!

k bye. it's 2am. i finished my last assignment. i'm going home.

bring on the exams! gotta start studying now.

ps.: yes. it's confirmed i lost my phone. damn bloody emo abt it. esp cuz like i was explaining today all the horrible things happening at the same time. haih. and another contra. i don't like ppl knowing/being able to see how i feel. but today, somehow the phone got to me bad. couldn't control. ish. :(

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