Friday, October 29, 2010

It Was A Good Bday

it really was a good bday. i dunno why.

k maybe i'm just optimistic (and yet i'm emo at the same time?)

honestly didn't do much at all. literally spent the whole day studying. morning at uni studying. afternoon at uni studying. night at uni studying as well.

but yet, i can still say, i had a good day.

started off when i was awoken some time in the night to the first wish of the day in the form of a text from the best friend. thanks so much Laurz. really appreciate ur long text. :) i believe it made my sleep a whole lot better. :) haha.

then the rest of the day, i felt good. cuz i cud finally manage to answer this part of the subject. made me feel like i was brilliant for a moment. but then again, my classmates were doing all this waaayy before. so guess i finally caught up. i guess i really felt productive. studying, and finally seeing the result of my studying. felt good.

i think by this point in the day, i was like content with life. lol. yes dramatic, but yeah. maybe cuz bday + being productive + the texts in the morning = good mood.

came home for dinner, found a card and snacks from Bern. didn't expect that. lol. really meant a lot. thanks so much again. tambah good mood.

then just went to countdown with flatmates. tho i didn't buy anything, the walk and the lepak was a nice break from studying. felt good again. but then again, i was already like happy happy that prob everything i did after that felt good. lol.

oh got call from Laurz as well. so lagi tambah la my good mood. :)

after dinner, went back to uni. tho i didn't manage to study much, still felt good. company i guess. and i got cake as well. unexpected, but i'm still grateful for it. :)

so yeah. it was a good bday. despite being in the exams season, have to study etc. maybe i'm just an optimist that's why i had a good day.

and it's funny, i was thinking, was there anyone i expected to wish me? like u know, in your head, this person SHOULD wish me. and i really couldn't think of anyone. maybe parents? and fam? but if they're busy and forget, i don't really mind. maybe i should expect best friend to wish. but then it's like, i know she's busy with exams and stuff so i wouldn't blame her if she forgot.

i guess i don't expect from ppl, cuz hey ppl got their busy lives to lead right? kinda why i don't like telling ppl. kacau only. cuz some ppl feel bad when they forget and all. plus esp in exams season, ppl got better things to think abt.

the rest of the people i know prob don't even know, so don't expect la. haha.

and it's kinda funny to see who remembers ur bday on their own, without FB's help.

FB was like chain reaction this year. didn't post bday this year. one person wished, then everyone like just followed. (yes, unfortunately, when it's on FB, the person who wishes first on the wall is the only one who is considered as actually remembering. the rest were just "oh ya!". lol. but it's cool with me. all wishes are still greatly appreciated. :) )

once again, thank you to everyone. appreciate it. a lot. :)

i think the cake, took the cake this year. i dunno why. it meant a lot. :)

come to think of it, i think it may be the first bday cake i've had in NZ. cekap. :)

ah good bday. gnite. :)

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