Thursday, September 30, 2010

The World Needs Strangers

weird right?

this thought came to me as i was sitting at captain ben's next to 2 strangers wondering what if i was friendly and decided to befriend them. yes. weird thoughts from an antisocial. lol.

so anyway, the world needs strangers.


cuz if everyone were friends, ppl would just end up being irritated/pissed off with each other and also they won't get things done.

k this scenario came to my mind.

imagine ure in a mall. and k malls have a lot of ppl walking around in them. and now imagine if ALL of them were ur friends. you'd barely be able to walk a few steps before bumping into a friend and having a chat like how friends shud. now the chat doesnt have to be long, but i can tell you, after "bumping" into 20 ppl, you're gonna get quite irritated.

also just say u have a chat with someone, and with every person u meet. ure gonna find, u may just run outta time to do the things u need to do cuz u were catching up with ur friend.

and k fine, just say u don't have a chat. would u really wanna be walking by everyone at the mall waving hi! ten bucks says ure gonna get tired of it really fast.

so in some way, as i see it at least, the world NEEDS strangers for ppl to survive and do their everyday life things.

somehow also, i'm reminded of the Giodarno(?) shirt "World Without Strangers" and how this should never happen. (on a side note, ppl should really walk up to these ppl wearing those tshirts and start to try and be friends with them. i'm pretty sure they may just end up creeped out since prob 90% of the ppl wearing the shirt just wear it for the brand name and not cuz they believe in what the tshirt says.)

so yeah. the world needs strangers.

but, it doesn't mean u can't be nice to strangers as well. ;)

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