Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How To Know If A Joke Is Funny

simple. if u literally can't contain your laughter, it's funny.

it's like, if ure in the library, and u know u should be quiet, but, no matter how hard u try not to laugh at the joke u heard, u still end up bursting into laughter. while everyone around you stares at you wondering "what's wrong with this kid?/doesn't this kid know this is a quiet zone?"

and that's how u know a joke is funny. or how funny a joke is.

why am i talking abt this? cuz it happened to me.

was in the Grotto, and posted a FB status update which got a reply that made me burst out in a short laugh before i realised i was attracting attention. oh yeah, this was when it was pretty close to midnight and hence was pretty quiet in there. and i was tired. here's how it goes.

Me: Meng And Tuk
Joshua: tea door lah!

and for some reason i found that hilarious. i dunno why. maybe it's cuz Josh said it, but yeah. i just burst out laughing. sure it's not exactly a joke per say, but a play on words (and languages). but nevertheless, i found it funny as. haha.

good joke. good joke.


(note: an understanding of malay is needed to get the joke.)

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