Monday, October 18, 2010

What Shows Are Teaching Me

as i see it, there's prob 4 shows now that is affecting my life.

One Tree Hill
100% sure this makes up the emo part of me. the good side tho, it's like helping me to know how to become the perfect guy sorta thing. unfortunately, the show also makes me think there's like this perfect girl out there. which kinda makes you wonder, how come all the awesome stuff in movies don't happen in real life but the bad stuff does. hmmm.

this helps me figure out ppl's intentions, and possible reasons for doing things. (clearly not the medical side of the show). it's like he manages to figure out what ppl are thinking from their actions, and reactions. and also when they don't react as well.

Lie To Me
totally helps me read ppl better. like their facial expressions, voice tone, sentence structures, actions and reactions again can help tell if a person is lying. tho, some of the stuff they say, not too sure whether it's true. oh yeah, learning to control my facial expressions also, so ppl don't figure out what you really mean/feel.

well, this show just helps to be a better con man. lol. and also thinking on your feet. and planning for all angles of things that might happen.

you know what. i just realised all these things i'm learning from the shows, are just making me a better con man. lol.

k class in 15. prob shud go soon.

feels good to be free. :)

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