Sunday, November 09, 2008

You Can't Go Wrong There

to me, you pretty much can't go wrong with emo hair. haha.

it's like ur "coolness meter" just goes up a few notches. hahaha.

but! the problem is, some ppl who want the hair, don't want the label emo. too scared of what ppl think. esp since emo ppl are like 'persecuted'.

well, if you care what ppl think sooo much, then gone la, ure never gonna get what u want.

emo hair is cekap la. seriously. haha. jus like my hair. cept it's not really that emo. cuz i dun wanna comb it that way. it's seriously annoying when it gets into ur face.

which reminds me, i shud blog abt my hair soon. haha.

k i'm obviously bored that's why i'm here. oh well, see ya!

Currently Listening To: Perfect - Simple Plan


equadex said...

heyh nice yg wat ker?
is that ur gf @ someone special?

Ben J said...

haha nope. deviantart punye. haha. wah kalau my gf then happy la. :P cantik kan? haha