Monday, November 10, 2008

If You Get Past Me, You're Quite Set

i dunno why la, but somehow, i'm the type of person who will try to find all the wrongs and faults in a certain idea.

it's like when someone suggests smth, i will question it til i find myself comfortable with it.

k just for the record, i don't do this to piss anyone off like i'm purposely trying to find fault. it's just that i wanna know that this idea is good la. it's not gonna fall flat.

i mean, to me la, no point having a plan that is pathetic and can't stand on it's own right?

unfortunately, most of the ppl i know, hate this. even if they don't say it, you can just feel it la.

it's like i'm just supposed to agree and not question just cuz i know them.

prob to them i'm really annoying, but like to me, they are the annoying ones. prob it's jus a Malaysian thing la. like we're just so nice to each other that when an opposing opinion comes abt, the stress level just rises and there's tension in the room.

it's kinda weird la. cuz i'm there chilling and just pointing out stuff, and the other person there is getting all stressed up. hayooo. relax la.

but yeah, i've had no choice but to try and control it seeing certain ppls reactions. i know now that i can't give them proper feedback on their opinions cuz they can't take it.

hey, i'm jus doin it for ur own good la k.

it's like if you get past me, your plan/idea/suggestion is good. i'm not saying i'm like the guy who's so great that u must come check with me and all. no. i'm jus saying that ur idea is better since i will most prob look at the wrongs that might come out of it and if you have an answer or good explanation then cool la. only you benefit right?

i'm not that pathetic to take enjoyment in watching you look bad. i've better things to do than try and make u look bad. it's not my intention also to make u look bad by questioning ur ideas.

gah. words just don't flow the way i want it to la. i'm prob talking in circles. wtvr la.

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glo said...

i prefer blunt honesty :) so ya i think it's cool what you are doing.

there's a quote i read from a Yahoo article that really caught me thinking:

"...your reactions are nothing more than defensive manuevers..."

i think there's nothing wrong with being defensive - but there are many ways to defend myself. say if u point something out and with good intention, but i get all offended and aggressively defensive, think it wil show my level of immaturity.

just my 2 cents. coz i think we now live in a world where we only speak what people like to hear and not what they need to hear. and we only listen to what we like to hear and not what we need to hear.


that's why i treasure blunt honesty more than anything - though it might hurt at times ;p