Thursday, November 06, 2008

Caleb's Logic

k so Caleb asked me last time whether i will get FB last time. and since i was still doing the challenge that time (i guess we shall call it the period of challenge), i said i will never get it to him.

so according to him, eventhough the challenge was with my sister, he wins. just cuz i said i will never get FB to him and now i do.

i dunno la how come i din challenge him or he didn't challenge me also he can win. can someone explain to me? hahaha.

and yes. this is all posted with Caleb's permission. He asked me to go and post this actually.
(*k update: he asked me to go and post this up last time. but now he said i don't have to. and post if i want to. so yea. now i'm posting cuz i want to)

so ya. here it is. but i need to know what logic is this la. haha.

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