Friday, November 21, 2008

Asian Food

u know right, for this whole year so far i've been here, the only times i've actually gone out to eat asian food is when somebody else wants to eat asian food.

like really. not ONCE have i gone out to go buy asian food.

i've never even had the urge to want to buy i think.

hmm. i think i'm really half kiwi di. haha!

prob the only part still malaysian abt me is my speech la. haha!

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KS said...

Mayb the asian food there not appealing? haha.. Anw, u've got a haircut right??

Ben J said...

nah. jus not so asian la me. dun feel like eating it. haha. if i go out sure eat subway or pizza. haha. no haven't cut yet. haha!

glo said...

rice or potato? :)