Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's The Beard La

i promise. that's prob the only reason i never get my ID checked.

so far whenever i dun shave and keep a beard, then i go and buy stuff that requires ID, i have never been asked for ID.

i prob look damn old man. haha. so next time if i forget my ID, all i have to do is make sure i have a beard! hahaha

and on another note, those two dining hall server girls are so funny la.

i find it so cool how they're fascinated with my hair. it's really quite amusing.

one of them was "OMG i love his hair i love his hair!" today.

hahahha. and she says that when i'm standing right there in front of her. damn cute la both of them. hahahah.

it's nice to see ppl like what i do with myself. hahahahah

so hah! see Karen! some ppl don't find my hair "scary". hahahah.

k la. i'm prob high on syiok sendiriness now. hahah.

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cal said...

hehe...good for you knoW! its really troublesome to bring our passport just to buy wine..ish

Anonymous said...

i thought i saw the two girls complimented your hair with giggles.
And you were awkwardly, replying. . .