Wednesday, November 05, 2008


i honestly do not see why all the people who don't live in US, won't be living in US, not a single bit of American blood in them and pretty much have NOTHING to do with America (other than tv shows), care so much about who won the Presidential Election.

like it's fine if they jus want to know. hey knowledge is important right? but for those ppl who say "YAYYY Obama won" "I was rooting for him the whole time!"

like seriously? you didn't even vote. He's not the president of YOUR country.

somebody please explain why it affects them so much. i seriously wanna understand why it's so important to them.

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fuhuisx said...

that's like rooting for a football club except that they could bomb another country?

Merlin said...

it's because obama has a cool name.

o-ba-maaaa. doesn't it just roll off your tongue?

glo said...

see what this columnist has to say.

there's a saying that goes: if america catches a cold, the world will sneeze.

that's how influential that nation is. think economics. think spiritual climate.

he's not the president of my country. but every decision that he makes in his country could have an effect on how the other leaders of the nations might decide/respond/react.

so even if we can't vote there, we are very much bothered :P

Ben J said...

hmm k thx for the replies. :)

SJ Nik said...

chai: o-baaa-ma! u can even have a chant for it :D
usain bolt's name is cool too they even have a movie named after it lol

ben: im with u on this one :)
yea whatever US do might have an effect on the whole world but it doesnt affect one at an individual level (not for me at least), if u know what i mean. whereas more often than not watching my favourite club playing football or winning a football match makes my day(s), i guess i may say im just a simple guy :P

KeNth said...

Well, For people like me who WILL be going to the US to study.

Isn't it important to be under the governance of a good President?

4 years man! =D

Zhen Lim said...

Much as we hate to admit it, whatever America does affects the world. They've always seen themselves as the "police" of the world. Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq War.. All due to US intervention. & let's not even get started on how everything in our society nowadays is infiltrated by Americanism - Hollywood, music etc.

So much as you'd hate to admit it, US Elections definitely affect the rest of us, if not directly then indirectly.