Friday, November 21, 2008

My New Room

sooo yaa.. time for an update.

k like some of u know, i've moved out of Uni Hall and moved to Ilam Village. both are residential halls except Ilam is self catered. so yes that means i'll have to be learning how to cook. hahaha!

anyway, i tot i'll just post up pics of my room.

nothing much yet la. still needs loads of deco to come in and stuff. the pics are like on the day i was moving stuff and all. so yea la it'll be messy and not so fancy. sry. haha

Kitchen view from living room
Living Room

Dining Area
Hallway to Kitchen and Living Room
My Room From Door
My Door From Room

kk that's all. seeya!

yes i'm still dying of boredom. trying to get NFS.

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Smith said...

let me know if u want recipes, im trying to compile as many as posible,
i bake a lot in the oven though, u got oven?

KS said...

Not bad wor... Ur room's quite big lei... how many ppl in an apartment??

Ben J said...

yeap got an oven Jo. and yeah i think the recipies will be good. thanks.

and yeah. quite nice la the room. 5 ppl in one apartment. i'm flatting with Calvin btw.

cal said...

ooo...whos keyboard is that?

glo said...

so exciting!

still a lil upset that we are not THAT nearby.

and no, i dun think we exactly have an oven as in the kind of oven i have in my old flat. the oven in ilam hinau is a microwave oven. which also means there's a limit to what we can bake due to size constraint.

for example i might not be able to put in my muffin tray :(

and u know i love baking.

anyway, let me know when you are arriving few days before u fly and also if u need a pick-up. ask the other guys too lar. thanks!