Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well Just Maybe Some Overreaction

but i reckon it's pretty normal.

finding out your life is just gonna end suddenly one day.

but maybe freaked out too much.

haih. i guess guys like me shudn't know the future. or shud i just say "future".

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Smith said...

reading this post made me wonder if
A-most blogs r cryptic n cant b understood, cept mine.
B-most blogs cant b understood, even mine.

Ur blog is def in the most posts r vague n could b refering bout anythin, r mine?
as in do u understand most my posts?
i would imagein u would right?
As u can c, im free to blab again

Ben J said...

actually right. i wud say this post is not as cryptic la. haha. it's exactly what it is. just that i didn't explain much.

i was talking abt something i found out abt me at church during vbs la. it's kinda stupid but freaky la still. so ya. i think i feel dumb blogging abt it. but it bugged me la. hmm

and no la. ur posts are good. can understand. well for me la i can understand. haha