Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Emo Kid's Jacket

probably one of his most useful items of clothing.

cuz it helps him hide his scar riddled arms.

the only place he could find to let out all his frustration and anger and hurt he faces from the world.

maybe it's the rush he gets from the cut? maybe it's actually being able to see the hurt? like showing the hurt in a different form. maybe it's to just feel real again. or maybe to just start feeling again.

I hurt myself today,
To see if i still feel

Nine Inch Nails

so thats why he needs his jacket. to hide it from the world. the world won't understand. most of the world won't care. more than half the world probably hates him already.

besides, with his jacket on all the time, he can hide it from the people he loves whom actually care. cuz they would freak out. but it's his only way out.

so he needs this jacket of his. it's sorta like his lifeline i guess. it gives him a way out and also helps ensure the ones he cares abt don't worry.

oh and i guess it proves useful as it keeps him warm through winter and also when he walks under the neverending rain of a gloomy day.

ah, yes. the emo kid and his jacket. :)

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