Tuesday, May 04, 2010

This Does Not Make Sense To Me

when u think abt it, hot air rises, so why would you put a heater on the ceiling?

i mean, u want to heat up the cold air right? so if the hot air rises to the ceiling, wouldn't the heater just heat up the hot air?

then the thermostat (also placed high up) will sense the room is hot based on the hot air at the top of the room.

but HELLOOOOOO. we (humans) live on the ground! why the heck would we want a heater that heats the ceiling instead of the ground area where we're at??!

this is just stupid. it does not make sense. can someone explain this?

probably it's just Ilam's scheme of trying to save money but not actually heating anything.


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Merlin said...

it's because they don't want you walking on a hot floor and accidentally burn yourself.

plus: ceilings have insulation so heat doesn't really escape anyway. (unless ilam is THAT cheap and didn't install insulation)

and: heat radiates downwards too.


Ben J said...

hmm hmm. thx!

i guess putting a wall heater would be better. but then again, there really isn't any good place on the wall to put it at.

i think i shud buy a heater. lol.

kim said...

this has nth to do with your post...did you delete your FB?????

Ben J said...

yeappsss. less distractionsss

glo said...

i just have to say that i like kim's comment :p trying to imagine her intonation and all. if that's the kim we're talking about. hehehe.

i miss kim :(