Friday, April 30, 2010

"Unquenchable Allure"

taken from

cuz it's smth u guys shud read. and in goes inline with today's msg at Refuel.

so, i guess ive thot about this a lot. But im sure its still not goin to come out clearly, but ill try.

Basically, sex is always brought up explicitly in the media. how did it get that far, and why?

I wanna suggest that a long time ago the media started with a couple hugging then kissing, then it progressed to caressing and then an implied sex-scene.

That then slowly progressed to a sex-scene with the couple under the blanket, then the blanket slips, and over the years, suddenly its a full, graphic sex-scene.

From my finite knowledge about this topic, i have come to realise that the reason they keep showing more and more over time is bcuz sex does not satisfy, not permanatly at least.

So, they have to keep raising the bar, thats y theres bondage and all that stuff, soon sex itself becomes boring and needs excitement.

Soon 2 ppl r not enough, and it becomes a group party.

have any of u watched porn? well if u have, then u probably experienced something like this

in the begining
watching 2 ppl make out turns you on

but over time, thats not enuf, and u want more. (yeah i decided to stop describing stuff)

and more, and more and more.


Maybe, CUZ IT DOESN'T SATISFY, at least not permanently.

So, if ur searching for something more permanent, its not sex!

Sex just leaves you wanting more sex, if my theory is right (i think it is) and if the sex is not in its right place (marriage)

Does this make sense? not sure if i explained my thots right

anyway, conclusion

if ur dating, ull start holding hands, then sudenly thats not enuf, so u start kissing, then thats not enuf.... it keeps going based on my theory of it not satisfying.

So, basically, with porn n sex and stuff that deal with sex, the more you participate, the more you want, slowly over time it can become an addiction.

What I am tryin to say, is be careful what you allow urself to do. Why are u watching them make out? r u goin to stop there?

why r u frenching her? r u goin to stop there? cuz soon, very soon, if not already, ur going to want more......

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Bernard "xiaoqiu" said...

i superbly like this post!!! it is so awesome!!! SO SO SO SO awesome!!! Kudos to ur cousin!!!!!