Saturday, May 08, 2010

The "Messed Up" Girl

u know how there's some girl whom ur friends try to convince you she's messed up? yeah. that girl.

but somehow, i found out these girls somehow can be better than some normal ppl.

like how girl A told me girl B was a slut. but it turns out that girl A is the one who's making out with almost everyone, and girl B is the one with the steady boyfriend for the past 3 years.

and how another girl, instead of trying to avoid me cuz she didn't bring the thing i lent to her (like how i think most ppl would act), she actually came and apologized to me, and told me she didn't bring it. clearly i'm sure everyone would prefer the truth instead of avoiding, like how i feel abt it.

so yeah. these supposedly "messed up" girls, can actually do better than other ppl. hmm.

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glo said...

Ben Ben.

might not be that relevant here but just a thought to share:

i was once kinda told off gently when i perceived someone just by listening to what others said about him, rather than giving him a chance and myself a chance to know him.

he was right that i will be wearing tinted glasses when interacting with the other person.

think you know where i'm getting at :) it dawned on me that it's really important to really get to know someone by really getting to know him/her, not by what others say about him/her :p

ps: though in this post, you seemed to have been pretty open minded :)