Saturday, May 15, 2010

They Know What To Say

because your best friend doesn't tell you what you wanna hear.

she tells you what you need to hear.

and tells you what's right. and the right thing to do.

even if it's the last thing on earth you wanna hear/do.

so thx Laurz. ure right.

haih. i don't wanna do this.

it's not fair.

but it's the right thing to do. =/

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cal said...

You will never regret doing what is right. =D

Ben J said...

but i have b4! that's the problem. doing the right thing, i kena in the end. that's the problem. =/

Lauren said...

Haha, nothing is fair. But you see, by doing the right thing, you are actually putting in effort to direct things into another road, instead of staying in that direction all the time.

If you take things the negative way, it's never going to end. Like how you're saying that it's never going to change and you continue doing things that way, your issue is NEVER going to end, ever.

BUT if you take things in another approach, who knows, it will turn out really great.

IT TAKES TIME. Lots of time. So, you'll just have to be patient with whatever hiccups happen on the way. :)

With the downs happening, that's why you have friends to bring you back up!

COME ON BATMAN! Your butler is your backbone, not Robin. Hahahaha