Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cliched-ly True

it's funny, u watch a show, and this scene happens.

Girl A asks Guy A out. not the first time she's asking. but he's like no cuz he's just out of a relationship. but then she persists. so he's like, well, he's gotta move on to right? so why not.

and like a few moments after they kiss, that's the moment la when the guy gets the msg from his ex saying that she made a mistake implying they shud get back together.

so that's the scene. so typical right the timing? and it's like so cliche. and ppl will say, it always happens in shows one la. not in real life.

so when it actually happens in real life, u just end up getting stunned. like NO WAY. this is just too coincidental. kinda mind blowing i would say.

so in the end, you end up with, Mind Blown + Confusion at Ex + Confusion abt what to do with new girl. yeap. ur brain ends up in a mess.

it's funny, cuz like, we tend to watch all these dramas shows and say, psh that nvr happens in real life.

but sometimes, all these unbelievable stuff u see, happened in real life, and that's where the shows got the inspiration from.


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