Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprisingly Not Surprising

you know how it's like when you suspect something, but you're not sure about that thing.

so you start doing "research" on that thing you suspect.

and in your head, it's like you have the answer. and you're like pretty sure.

so as you go on, halfway you find what you're looking for.

but instead of being all surprised, you just skim through the fact, and don't even notice you've found what you're looking for. and it's like you already knew it.

funny how suspecting something, turns into a fact already in your head. and when something real comes by to prove you right, you find, you don't need it after all.

in actual fact, you did need that proof. to make sure that your suspicion is true. but ur mind convinces yourself so well, that you believe you didn't need it.

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